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2024.2.8 new! 桑原あいから皆様へご報告




約1年、仕事とVisa準備の両立はなかなかにハードワークで、うまくいかないこともたくさんあり、確実に決まるまでは皆様 にお伝えできずにいました。

本当に本当にたくさんの方々のおかげで、無事にVisaも取れ、新しい世界に足を踏み入れることができました。 感謝してもしきれません。。




既に決まっている公演のために、春に(もうすぐやん!) 1ヶ月ほど帰国するので、そのあたりで自分のライブも行う予定です☺️


Thank you so much!!
with love

P.S. こむぎちゃんも元気です🐶

Thank you for your continued support☺️

I have made the decision to move to Los Angeles, United States.
I am actually already in LA and have started my adventures here.

I apologize for the sudden notice.
For about a year now, I’ve been trying to balance work and Visa preparation which was not an easy road.
There were many things that did not go as planned, so I couldn’t announce this until things were concrete.
And even after I finally got my Visa approved, it’s been so busy the days flew by, and I was struggling just to get through each day.

Thanks to so many people’s assistance, I got my visa and have stepped into a brand new world. I cannot thank you all enough.

I came here to face music and myself more, to change and to become better.
There are many reasons why I chose LA, but none more so than I want to breathe in the air here and live and play music here.
I am taking baby steps getting to know the LA music scene, but i am already so glad that I came.

As I celebrate my 10th anniversary of my activities in Japan, I am truly grateful to those who have always been there for me, and have supported my decision to start this next chapter.

I will be back in Japan for a month in the spring (so soon!) for a show that was already scheduled, so I plan to do my own live show around that time as well☺️
I will let you know the dates, etc. and I hope to see many of you there...!

Once again, thank you for your continued support.
Please take care of yourselves.

Thank you so much!

With love,
Ai Kuwabara

P.S. My dog “Komugi” is doing great too🐶
Ai Kuwabara